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Secret Santa art from Yakkity
Secret Santa art from Yakkity

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Makoto Hikari just moved back to the United States to attend high school after living overseas for 8 years. After moving and having to lose all of his friends, he just wants to get through his high school days without a problem. However, after meeting Thomas Adams, a fellow classmate of his who lives life on the edge, Makoto's boring life takes a drastic turn into realizing the joys of life that he had once let pass. A story of friendship, love, betrayal, life, death, and all the joys and griefs of being young. There isn't a GIANT focus on love relationships in this story, mostly of the relationship of friends. But there are stories of relationships that go on in their lives. Based loosely on true events. Contains heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and the like. It's real life after all, and life comes in tons of flavors. Slice of Life/School Life genre Reads L->R Western Style.



-:Aeon:- is my newest story that will be starting up as soon as I finish up the first chapter of my other story "BlackBlade Rising". BlackBlade Rising will then be put on a semi-hiatus so that I can start to work on other projects in order to build up my knowledge in the art of manga. -:Aeon:- will be a story of mine that will help me branch away from my typical genre of shounen fantasy. Stemmming from a more Slice Of Life style genre, -:Aeon:- will be more of a story of learning to live life to it's fullest. Not the normal action story that i'm used to, so I will be working my hardest to not make the story boring. Thank you for tuning in!

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